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Interactive, fun, unique and contemporary multi-image animated portraits of the worlds most iconic stars. Why settle for just one picture when you can have several at the same time.
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A stunning range of 3D images which depict enlarged versions of iconic Dinky toy cars. The three-dimensionality and detail is amazing. Buy the car you've always dreamed of or once owned.
Stripe Nation
Animated fields of brightly coloured stripes. Contemporary abstract images by Matthew Andrews.
Unique animated and 3D wall decor to compliment  your home or office
Holovista Interiors utilises state-of-the-art lenticular and holographic techniques to produce a wide range of 3D and animated works of art for homes, offices, hotels and public spaces. This new generation of wall decor is fun, interactive, contemporary and truly unique. All works are created and produced in house by Holovista Interior's artists and production team. Images can be purchased framed or unframed.
3D Mass
A range of stunning 3D images of natural subjects by Matthew Andrews.. These images are not framed but hang off the wall by 2-3 cm and so appear to be floating.
Clock Work
New for 2012, the latest in high-tech designer clocks. Striking multi-image animated clock faces to grace any room.
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